How to arrange transport

International transport of goods is an integral part of our everyday life, because every day we use goods imported from abroad. Organizing international transport, of course, requires extensive knowledge and the necessary logistics support. Business Symlog has been involved in professional transport of goods for years. To meet the individual expectations of our customers, we offer comprehensive logistics services that will guarantee safe delivery of goods on time and at an affordable price.

International transport - what should we remember?

In general, the international transport of goods can take many forms. The most frequently chosen forms of transport are truck, sea and rail transport. The company's extensive offer Symlog allows you to effectively choose each of the previously presented solutions, adjusting the order parameters directly to individual expectations. 

Under truck transport the company's offer includes a wide selection of trucks that allow you to transportation of any type of cargo - without quantitative restrictions. On this level, however, there are charges full truckload, groupage and courier services. Range truck forwarding in the company Symlog almost covers all countries located in Europe. In this way, our consultants will propose the best solution. The guarantee of comprehensive transport at an attractive price are the features that distinguish us.

International transport it also rail freight. The company's services in this regard Symlog include transport of various types of cargo from China to Europe. Multimodal express trains from China to Poland ensure regular delivery of Asian goods. The company's offer allows you to pick up the cargo directly from the manufacturer and then deliver it to the recipient at the address indicated in the order. It is an extremely attractive solution that works well, among others, in the industry E-commerce and not only. Based on the experience gained, forwarders will help you choose the right solution that will meet the individual expectations of customers. Choosing the railway not only saves costs, but also time - the average waiting time for the delivery of cargo from China is from 2 to 4 weeks.

Another available solution is sea ​​freight. Its attractive cost of the service translates into popularity. Container ships, thanks to their technical specifications, allow you to transport any amount of cargo. Thanks to specialized sea ​​freight containers allows you to successfully import goods manufactured, among others, in the United States.

International transport - how is it organized?

Every transport service requires proper planning. Thanks to the knowledge of the industry in a selected region of the world, experts Symlogand they will pay attention to every detail that will guarantee maximum comfort and safety of transport. Comprehensive nature of transport it is also about selecting the appropriate cargo space, means of transport, as well as paying attention to individual customer requirements. Thanks to the availability of a diverse fleet and modern technology, forwarders Symlogand they constantly monitor the location of the goods. It is also important to be able to provide appropriate conditions for a given product category. In the case of food or medicines, the temperature at which the products are transported is of great importance. In the era of constant technological progress, each form of transport allows us to provide optimal transport conditions. This way, each product remains completely safe and intact.

Organization of transport is an extremely complex undertaking that requires taking into account many external factors. Choosing proven and professional shipping company you are guaranteed timely and safe deliveries. We invite you to contact our experts who will propose the best transport solutions.