Transporting goods from China is not easy. Choosing the right means of transport takes time and consideration. But the possibilities are great - and there will be both dark and light sides to any decision.

However, making a specific decision is the beginning of a great way to do business. Today, China is known in the world primarily for exports, and products "made in China" surround us from all sides. There is no need to wonder about the consequences of this for the economic situation of specific countries. In this case, import is almost a necessity for many companies.

Various options

We can choose a courier - it will be an effective option for small weight and volume shipments. And it will undoubtedly be very fast. All customs matters will be handled by the courier company. The shipment is instant, but at the same time the unit cost (i.e. the cost of transporting one item of goods) will be high. Here, however, you have to remember that the goods may wait for clearance in China - then the courier will start charging warehouse fees.

With a small scale of operations, it will be effective to import goods by air. At the destination airport, it is worth using the services of the customs agency - they will pick up the goods, take care of the formalities and send the goods to the recipient. In this case, the delivery time can be estimated at 1 week. Due to the fact that the price of goods transport by air is generally very high, it is recommended to use such solutions only in special cases.

Undoubtedly a popular way transport is forwarding by sea. It provides a relatively high level of security (except for some areas - such as the Persian Gulf), high load capacity and low price. Its big disadvantage is the long waiting time - in this case, the transport of goods can take several dozen days - even about a month and a half.

It is becoming more and more popular transport by rail. This is due to the high security, relatively short waiting time, and a balanced price (averaged between by air transport and sea) and high payload. Currently, it is recommended to use the services available under the so-called New Silk Road based on Fr. multimodal transport, whose axis is express freight trains between Europe-China and China-Europe. In the case of Poland, we encourage you to use such a connecting solution multimodal centers in Zhengzhou, China and Warsaw.

Customs formalities

Unfortunately, when using transport of goods from the Middle Kingdom, we must be aware of a number of formal requirements and official matters that must be met in order to implement without problems imported goods for the Polish and European market. For this purpose, it is worth choosing a forwarding agency that will ensure the correct implementation of customs issues and timely transport of goods.

Import from China - the future?

Currently value of importing goods from China is constantly increasing. Choice of a given method transport, ensuring customs procedures and all formalities that must be completed at specific stages, and even establishing reasonable business contacts - these elements have a huge impact on the effectiveness of the transport of goods from China. Is it worth developing a business based on imports from this country? It is definitely worth it.