forwarder services

It is commonly believed that an intermediary for the carriage of goods as is forwarder it's someone who takes money for nothing. After all, he does not have a car, warehouse or ship. We often come across the question: - why are there shippers on the market, after all, direct cooperation with carriers, without a freight forwarder, should prove to be more cost-competitive,

Well it is not!

This way of thinking is often caused by unfamiliarity with the characteristics forwarder work and carrier. Below are some of the differences between forwarder a carrier:

Question: Forwarder: Carrier:
It uses the services of many vendors Yes No
It can handle any route Yes No
It has unlimited resources of transport fleet Yes No
Equipment is available in every location Yes No
The goods are insured with OCP Yes Yes
He will organize reloading, storage and customs services Yes No
Will offer multimodal transport (change of means of transport) Yes No
Offers the best price among many vendors Yes No

Carrier is focused on implementation transport at its price, its equipment and on its terms. Cost optimization for the customer is not in his interest.

Forwarder is able to penetrate the market in order to select the best offer available to the client at a given time and in a specific relationship transport. In addition, the forwarder checks the credibility, opinion and security of each carrier in a professional manner, which allows it to be carried out safe transport.

Forwarder uses a wide base of subcontractors, not only domestic but also foreign, which in many cases has a huge impact on the price international transport.

As can be seen in the example above, the client's cooperation with forwarder has many advantages. The basis of the forwarder's activity is knowledge in the field transport law, experience and a wide network of contacts that allows you to get the best transport opportunities for the customer.

If you would like to learn more about the benefits of working with shipping please contact our office. We will analyze your current status for free transport rates are attractive to the market.