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The transport industry includes the transport of various types of cargo - the basic division most often includes full truck loads and groupage goods. It happens, however, that some of the goods are characterized by non-standard dimensions - then special professionals are involved in their transport, who not only organize the entire transport process, but also take care of safety considerations, while completing the necessary documentation. These types of goods are called oversized loads. So what is oversized transport and what does its specification look like?

Oversized cargo - what is it?

Oversized transport is a strictly regulated phenomenon also in the legal and administrative fields. Non-standard shipments can be transported both on land and with the help of container ships and other ships that move on sea routes. According to the legislation, Fr. oversized transport it is said to be greater than 42 tonnes, wider than 2,5 meters, greater than 4 meters and its length greater than 16,5 meters in the case of a trailer and 18 meters in the case of a semi-trailer.

It should be mentioned that the organization of the entire transport undertaking is an extremely complex process that requires meeting a number of criteria and having appropriate permissions. These types of treatments are designed to ensure maximum safety for the people involved in the transport and other traffic users. Thanks to today's technology, it is possible to transport virtually anything oversized cargo - mainly due to technologically advanced trailers that meet all restrictive standards. Of course, there are a lot of obstacles that must be overcome in order to carry a specific load. One of the main limitations is the road infrastructure in the form of too low viaducts, tight curves and roundabouts - therefore, the entire operation must be planned well in advance. Water transport is also a great help in this type of undertaking, which completes the order and creates mixed transport. The use of alternative solutions is a frequently practiced phenomenon that translates into transport efficiency.

What are oversized loads?

The main guidelines are regulated by the aforementioned provisions - in practice oversized loads most often there are various types of building structures, as well as structural elements of large machines (airplanes or ships). In addition, steel structures, agricultural machinery, elements of wind farms and tanks are also transported. Transportation of oversized cargo should be commissioned to an appropriate company that operates using the experience gained. It is worth remembering that each transport requires an individual schedule, and a lot of people are needed to organize it. All kinds of permits issued by administrative bodies are equally important.

By using the services of a proven company, the client can count on professional service and comprehensiveness of entrusted tasks. A forwarding and transport company will develop an optimal route while selecting the appropriate sources of transport. Another convenience is the preparation of complete technical documentation, which will include the necessary documents and permits. The transport process itself depends on the load and its characteristics - so it can be said that it is a meticulously organized operation that requires appropriate knowledge and foresight skills. Usually, this type of transport requires tedious planning of each step, so a whole team of employees watches over a given transport.

Oversized transport is an extremely advanced process - its uniqueness and complexity is evidenced by the need for appropriate organization and knowledge of the industry. Choosing the right one shipping company you should be guided by its experience - this way you can be sure that professional experts watch over a given load, who will ensure complete safety during transport.