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Transhipment terminal is one of the basic concepts related to multimodal transport. Transshipment terminals in Poland they ensure the free movement of goods, acting as one of the links in the supply chain. In practice, this means that the terminal is a transhipment point allowing for the arrival of the parcel to a point with a single means of transport, and then reloading and preparing it to deliver the cargo to the customer. 

Multimodal transport - what role does the transshipment terminal play?

In the logistics industry transhipment terminal is identified with a number of forwarding processes that accompany the transport of each cargo. This term is used both in domestic, as well as foreign and intercontinental forwarding. In general simplification transhipment terminal is a place to change the means of transport in domestic and foreign transport of goods.  

Foreign trade in goods requires the provision of appropriate technical infrastructure. Currently, most of the goods travel their way through container, sea, rail, air and truck forwarding. From an economic point of view, the use of several forms of transport brings many advantages that ensure faster and fully safe delivery. International intermodal transport goods requires the use of appropriate reloading points. Intermodal terminal or groupage sea terminal, and railway terminal are places where the goods are properly secured and prepared for further travel by another means of transport. Transshipment terminals in Poland were situated in the most strategic locations where the most popular transport routes intersect. In this way, the reloading process is extremely fast and effective, ensuring continuity in the supply chain. Everyone transhipment point however, it should have the necessary reloading devices and experienced management staff. This way you can be sure that each incoming type of cargo will be properly prepared for the next stage of the journey. 

Transhipment terminal - how does commodity trading work?

Reloading point is a place where every shipping company focuses on complex logistics processes that ensure fast and effective delivery of the shipment to the recipient. One example is the reloading terminal of Poczta PolskaEvery day hundreds of thousands of orders are properly verified and prepared for the next stage of shipping. Transhipment terminals of Poczta Polska were situated in the most key locations related to transport routes. 

Each reloading point is an extremely large and technologically advanced facility. Its location is associated with the performance of a number of logistic activities, therefore their location should allow for the free delivery of cargo using sea, air or rail forwarding. Arrival of the shipment requires immediate action to be taken to the terminal - thanks to an appropriate ICT system, the facility's staff properly sorts and stores the shipment in the terminal in order to be able to prepare it for further shipment. 

The forwarding industry managing multimodal transport uses several types of transhipment terminals - their importance has a huge impact on international transport. The presence of reloading points allows you to optimize the transport time and cost.  Transhipment terminal acts as a link in multimodal transport, which allows the use of several forms of transport. A team of experts overseeing the correct course of shipment manages a number of logistics processes every day. According to the forecasts of experts from the logistics industry transhipment terminals together with technological progress, they will effectively evolve in order to be able to ensure the highest possible throughput of transported loads.