May 5, 2016

train schedule

Timetable of intermodal trains from Zhengzhou to Europe.


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Comparison of delivery times by means of transport:


Transit time - goods delivery time may vary considerably depending on the chosen mode of transport. On the same route, we can expect radical differences in delivery times, which translate into the price of the service.

A great example is transport in relation to this China - Poland (door-to-door). Read more →

forwarder services

Why use a forwarder instead of working directly with the carrier?


It is commonly believed that an intermediary for the carriage of goods as is forwarder it's someone who takes money for nothing. After all, he does not have a car, warehouse or ship. We often come across the question: - why are there shippers on the market, after all, direct cooperation with carriers, without a freight forwarder, should prove to be more cost-competitive,

Well it is not!

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