As our latest product we offer you transportation of containerized goods carried by rail on route China – Poland and Poland – China. This service is aimed at all those interested in trade in goods with China like: trading, manufacturing and forwarding companies.

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With increasing interest of Polish and EU enterprises in the field of economic exchange with China there is an increasing demand for the transport of goods from China to Poland and in the opposite direction. The company Symlog offers you a very comfortable and at the same time fully optimized solution for the transport of container from the Far East.

As our latest product that we offer to you is transportation of containerized goods carried by rail from China to Poland and Poland to China. This service is directed to all subjects interested in trade of goods with China. Alike trading, production and spedition companies.


All consignments carry out door-to-door. We have custody of the goods from the reception at the shipper till handing over the consignment to its destination. In the framework of rail transport from China to Poland we provide:

  • pick up of goods from the shipper;
  • customs and terminal services in Zhengzhou;
  • rail transport containers to Poland;
  • daily updated position of the train along with the expected date of delivery;
  • complete customs (including the customs transfers T1, and final customs clearance);
  • handling, palletizing, any storage of goods;
  • its distribution to the destination.


Time – for entrepreneurs, time is money, so the company Symlog reduces the delivery time of containers to 12-14 days (transit time from an intermodal terminal in Zhengzhou to polish border) or 20-22 days (the complete door-to-door supply chain). The connection is made using express freight trains that connect the terminals in Zhengzhou and Warsaw. It is passing through China, Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus skipping the most inflammatory points of this part of the world. Transporting goods by rolling stock is the solution more reliable and faster than in the case of transport by sea.

Price – intermodal rail transport is a fast transport of goods for a relatively small price compared to air freight. This makes you able to not only efficiently adapt your offer to market requirements, but also to be economically competitive in terms of prices proposed by your company to your customers.

Frequency – currently trains out of the terminal in Zhengzhou in China to Poland depart 4 times a week (Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays). Since October 2016 the frequency for the opposite direction is also 4 courses a week. In 2017 the company Symlog plans to increase the number of fixed connections per week between China and Poland, which will meaningfully improve the speed and availability of train slots.

From Warsaw to the whole Europe – the goods transported by rail from China to Poland may be ultimately delivered to customers located throughout Europe. This service is realized by car or intermodal transport. With use of our experience we always suggest what kind of transport method should be used for the route and type of goods.

For large and small – we execute orders for both: big and small. We are a supplier of manufacturing, trading and shipping companies. We organize transports of full load containers (FCL) and we also offer groupage shipments (LCL). We supply 20’GP, 20’HC, 40’GP, 40’HC containers. For shipments requiring temperature-controlled enviroment we offer 40’RF and 45’RFHC reefers. We can also provide Open-top (OT) and hanger containers for garments (HT).

Clear rules – arranging for rail freight to our company you can be sure of high quality service, confidentiality and individual approach to each customer.

Be Eco – rail is the most environmentally friendly of all the modes of transport used goods. Now also your company can in an environmentally safe way to use transport services.

Trading with China? Choose rail transport! The company Symlog guarantees you the best deals and competitive prices. With us, you can transport your goods from China to Poland and back quickly, securely and at a competitive price.

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